Quick View - Create A Card

  1. Click the link to go to the create card page
  2. Click on a categoryie Birthday
  3. Click on a card image you like
  4. Select a cash gift value
  5. Write a message inside the card
  6. Provide the recipient address details

Quick View - How It Works

When you buy a card you add a cash gift to it (£10 - £100). At the same time you create a password for it (an unlock code).
The moment your card is paid for it is locked, meaning it cannot be cashed until it is unlocked.
We print your card with a barcode and a number on the back of it.
When your recipient receives your card they, or you, go online and enter the barcode number and your password (unlock code) to unlock the card and make it cashable.
After unlocking they take your card to any participating retailer who scans the barcode to verify it is cashable, if it is, the retailer hands across to them the full gift amount you purchased.
If it has not been unlocked it cannot be cashed, protecting your gift from theft.
There are over 24,000 participating retailers so it can be cashed almost anywhere in the UK.

  1. Add a cash gift value to your greetings card. From £10 to £100
  2. Create a locking code (ie favourite colour and year of birth)
  3. We print and post the card for you
  4. You or they unlock the card after it's delivered
  5. They cash the card at any of the 24,000 plus PayPoint retailers located throughout the UK

Quick View - Is It Safe?

  1. It is 100% safe. We guarantee it or your money back
  2. Without the unlock code you provide, it cannot be unlocked
  3. Don't write the unlock code inside the card
  4. It can only be unlocked with your unlock code and the barcode number printed on the rear of the card

Quick View - Unlock The Card

  1. Printed on the back of the delivered card is a barcode number
  2. Using your unlock code and the barcode number you unlock the card
  3. It can now be cashed at any of the 24,000+ retailers throughout the UK
  4. To find your nearest retailer use the store locations link at the bottom of each page in this website
  5. If your card is stolen they cannot unlock it without your unlock code

The Gift Of Choice!

The perfect gift for everyone, every time

  • Just like sending cash, only safer!
  • No one can cash it without your unlock code & barcode!
  • No other company can offer you this exclusive service!
Send A Cash Greetings Card Now!

New Greetings Card Gets You Compliments Galore!

Because cash gifts are the most included greetings card item we've made it easy and safe for you to send a card with a cash gift to anyone in the UK

  • Fast 2 In 1 Greetings Card Site
  • Unique Attach Cash Gift System Thwarts Thieves
  • 100% Safe To Send Through Post
  • Redeemable At Over 24,000 PayPoint Retailers
  • Covering The Whole Of The UK
  • Use Your Finger Or Stylus To Write Your Message
  • Big Businesses Have Been Using Us For Years, Now You Can Too!
  • Create A Card And Add A Cash Gift To It

How Does It Work?

When you buy a card you add a cash gift to it, you also create a password used to unlock the cash.

The cash is converted to a barcode that is locked and unable to be cashed.

The barcode and number are printed on the rear of your greetings card, including instructions for your recipient and the retailer to follow.

Your recipient, or you, use the number printed on the rear of your card and your password to unlock the barcode and make the card cashable.

Your card can be cashed at any of the 24,000 participating PayPoint retailers.

To Send A Card

Go to the Send A Card link above or below
When there

  • Choose a category, then a card image and add a gift cash value.
  • Fill in the inside of the card with your message (ie Happy Birthday etc)
  • You can use your finger or stylus to write your message
  • Fill in the recipient address details
  • And create your unlock password (used to unlock the card)
  • Pay for the card
  • We print and post the card by first class Royal Mail
  • Your recipient receives 100% of the cash gift you send

Is It Safe?

  • Yes it is very safe. No one can cash your card without knowing your password
  • If someone steals your card (before its unlocked) and tries to cash it they will be refused the money


The recipient can cash it from any of 24,000 retailers


Simple purchasing process


It is provided by PayPoint and i-movo


Cannot be cashed without your unlock code

UK Wide

Covering 99.1% of the UK population


Your recipient unlocks it, a participating retailer gives them cash

How Cash Greetings Cards Work

What You Do
What They Do
  • Choose a card
  • Choose a cash gift value
  • Create an unlock code
  • Your card cannot be cashed without your unlock code
  • We print and post your card
  • Either: You unlock the cash gift card, online
  • Or: your recipient unlocks the cash gift card, online
  • Find a participating retailer
  • Present your gift card to the retailer
  • Retailer gives them cash
Send A Cash Greetings Card Now!